Monday, December 17, 2007

Global Warming...Really?

Ok, many of you that know me are aware that one of my favorite quotes is by me..."Every Ice Age Ended Due To Global Warming." I don't buy into the idea of man-made global warming though I'm quite aware that the planet goes through heating and cooling cycles all the time. This week somewhere around 60% of the United States is currently experiencing freezing temperatures and in many of those areas there is snow cover. Much of this is in areas experiencing record lows. Meanwhile the United Nations just finished a meeting about global BALI where it's warm all year. I guess it's easier to convince the gullible of man-made global warming when you're someplace warm and nearer to the equator rather than your headquarters in freezing cold New York City.
The powers supplying the idea of man-made global warming are trying their level best to get you to buy into the hysteria. Why? Simple, if you buy into it you're less likely to fight the taxes they're proposing to combat the evil polluters in the world. Yes, I said taxes. If you listen carefully to people like Al Gore and the other super liberals that think humans are a blight on the planet you'll hear them propose taxes to fight man-made global warming. Don't say I didn't warn you when your paycheck gets smaller.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Steroids In Baseball...Who Cares?

C'mon who really cares that a bunch of overpaid professional ball players use steroids and human growth hormone? Regular season baseball is about as exciting as watching paint dry so why would anyone mind that maybe it gets spiced up a bit?

Think about it. Why are steroids banned in sports? In amateur sports it's to supposedly keep the competition level by making it about the athletes instead of who has the best lab. I buy that for the Olympics and similar venues where many of the athletes are minors and where countries may have fewer resources than their competitors, but pro sports are different. The players are adults and every team has lots of resources. If the players are stupid enough to inject steroids and die young in pursuit of a better career so be it. It might make that boring ass game of baseball a little more fun.

By the way...I'm REALLY Glad the American Taxpayer had to foot the bill for the Mitchell Report - aren't you?

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Had A Dream

I don't wish Vice President Dick Cheney to have health problems, but the truth is that he has some heart issues. I do hope he's ok but since he's had these issues for so long they actually led to a daydream on my part.....

It was 2004 and I was in Laredo seeing some clients. During some of the usual chit-chat a client asked me who I thought the Republican party would run for President in 2008. I was at a complete loss. I actually had no idea, but as my mind wandered with the issue I came up with a possibility.

It went something like this...a year or two into Bush's second term VP Cheney would step down for health reasons. It would be entirely plausible because his heart issues are a matter of pulic record. With Cheney stepping down President Bush would be able to nominate ANYONE to be Vice President. There isn't an automatic succession to VP when the President is still alive. My line of reasoning/dreaming thought that Bush would appoint Condoleeza Rice to the VP position. Ha! Take that Democrats! Though Bush's appointee would have to be confirmed by the House and Senate (25th Amendment, section 2) who would ruin their Congressional career by voting against the first black person, the first woman, to be in the Vice President's office?

This would put Condi in the position of running for the presidency as a sitting Vice President with experience as VP, Secretary of State, and National Security Advisor. Condi versus Shrillary? Condi wins hands down. Oh well, it was just a dream.

Dancing With The Stars Final

Ok, I'll say it. "I told you so." I've been predicting that Helio Castroneves would be in the finals of Dancing With The Stars since the first or second show. Congratulations to Helio and his partner Julianne.

Even though I'm not surprised that Helio won the dancing title I am surprised at who was there at the end with him. I could not have predicted that Mel B and Marie Osmond would be in the finals. With Marie Osmond I wouldn't have thought that she'd have the stamina to do so well, nor that she'd bounce back after the loss of her father. The other surprise was Mel B. When the season started I didn't think she'd make it because I thought her partner would be in jail for choking the life out of her whiny butt. Oh well, nothing like live TV.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Because She's A Woman

I heard it on the radio. The woman on the phone with the radio show's host declared she was a supporter of Hillary Clinton. The host asked the woman a simple question, "what policy of hers do you like?" The answer was a simple, "I don't know." She later admitted that the only reason she was voting for Hillary Clinton was..."She's a woman."

It's scary to think that people are that stupid. I'm not saying it's stupid to vote for a woman. I'm on the record as saying I would vote for the right woman, but what if I said I'm voting for Mitt Romney just because he's a man? People would consider me an idiot and they'd be right.

Please, if you're actually going to vote for someone to be President of the United States, check out the candidates. Learn what their policies are, especially if they want to raise taxes like Hillary does. Find out about their backgrounds in (alleged) insider trading like Hillary. Consider their experience running a business or government like...someone other than Hillary.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Would I Vote For A Woman?

Someone (a Hillary Clinton supporter) recently asked me "Would you vote for a woman?" I actually got a little offended at the question but kept my composure. I didn't ask why such a question would be asked but considering the source of the question I'm guessing the person asking it had some pre-conceived notions about me that they wanted to explore.

This person knows that I'm more conservative than liberal and I know the person asking is just the opposite. A good person but somewhat easily swayed by the liberal media. This person believes the rhetoric that conservatives are trying to keep women barefoot and pregnant, are homophobic, want to poison the air and water, and want to starve children everywhere while denying them healthcare. I don't match that view of a conservative person nor have I ever met someone that does.

So, the simple answer to the question is...Yes, I would vote for a woman and have done so on previous occasions. That's the answer I gave to my questioner. I further told this person that I don't really care if the candidate in an election is a man or a woman, I only care that I make a good choice and select the best qualified person.

In keeping with the truth of my answer and the personal philosophy behind it I now have to ask "Is there a woman in the current U.S. Presidential Campaign I would vote for?" Hold on. Let me think about that one. Ok, my answer is "No." As far as I know there is only one woman in the current U.S. Presidential Campaign and her name is Hillary Clinton. I cannot think of a reason why I'd vote for her.....unless she were running against the Devil himself....and that would really be a tough choice....they have some similar views. However, I had a dream.

Is Senator Obama UnAmerican?

What do you do when the national anthem plays? If you're like most Americans you stand with your hand over your heart. This posture says a few things about a person...they're American, they love their country, and most think that it also honors those who have fallen protecting our liberties. You might think that a U.S. Senator like Barack Obama would understand this about the national anthem. You might think that a U.S. Senator like Barack Obama would appreciate all of this more than most people because he's seen the power of the people elect him to office and privilege. I can pretty much guarantee that the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines understand why we do what we do during the national anthem.

Personally, I don't think that Barack Obama understands how he should behave and is expected to behave during the national anthem. If he doesn't understand something like that which is so simple then he doesn't deserve to lead this country. Further, I doubt that with this kind of un-patriotic behavior he would have much support by the military as Commander-In-Chief.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pierce Brosnan Gets One Right Maybe

First it was Britney Spears, now it's Pierce Brosnan beating up on a photographer. Supposedly, the leach (photographer) was just complimenting Brosnan on his James Bond films when Brosnan hit him. Come on...a "celebrity photographer" that was just saying something nice? Not getting in someones face taking pictures while trying to incite anger? I'm not buying it. I'm not buying it because it's all too common to see video of these misfits doing just that...trying to incite bad behavior in celebrities.

Ok. I do get that people like Pierce Brosnan are famous public figures and that if you're in the "biz" you should expect to be recognized, etc. But should these famous figures be mobbed everywhere they go so that some creep with a Nikon can make a few bucks? I don't think so and I make sure to do my part by passing up the gossip rags that support such poor tactics used by the photogs.

San Antonio Spurs Start Their Season

Tonight is Halloween and the Spurs are out and about as the current NBA World Champions. Last night was the Spurs home opener and it was a great night. I had the opportunity once again to be present for the championship ring ceremony and the unveiling of the new championship banner. It's fun and exciting to see these things live. The game? Yes, it was a good game against a young but good Portland Trailblazers team. A good game particularly because the Spurs won it.

Tonight they're now 2-0 having defeated the Memphis Grizzlies in a close game. While I'm happy the Spurs are starting off with 2 wins it's a long way to another championship. I'm optimistic that the Spurs can get a back-to-back championship though because it's pretty much the same team. There's still Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, Bruce Bowen, Fabricio Oberto, Michael Finley, Robert Horry, Francisco Elson, and Matt Bonner. Missing of course is Beno Udrih who has been traded to the T-Wolves. So, this year there's hope and I'm looking forward to the ride.

Dancing With The Stars Week 6

Wow, what a week on Dancing With The Stars. Mel B got a perfect score and deserved it. Jane Seymour got even better and seems to be a real contender despite being the oldest of the remaining competitors, as well as the best looking. But the real shocker....Sabrina Bryan was eliminated! You could have knocked me over with a feather. I had picked Sabrina to be a finalist but I guess she just didn't have the votes from the fans at home.

So who's gonna be in the finals of Dancing With The Stars now? I still think that Helio Castroneves is a favorite based on his dancing, but will he have the popular support? I think that Cameron has improved but I don't think he really can win it, but will his soap star status give him the edge?

I don't know what's going to happen but I'm looking forward to the rest of the season.

Congressmen and other Politicians Should Resign

I'm sure that if you've read any of my political commentary on this blog you won't be surprised at what I'm going to say in this post.

U.S. Representatives and Senators as well as sitting Governors and others elected to public office should resign prior to running for the office of President of the United States. Yes, I said RESIGN. In the current crop of presidential hopefuls you have sitting Senators like Hillary Clinton and John McCain receiving their pay and perks as Senators elected to serve their respective constituents. However, Clinton, McCain and the others are NOT serving their constituents because they're out on the campaign trail. They're not taking part in the business of the people that elected them. They're not in their home states. They're not in Congress casting votes. They're not there writing new laws...though I guess we should be thankful for that. They're getting paid to look for a new job and being allowed to keep their old job just in case they don't get the new one.

I say that this kind of ABUSE of the people's trust and tax money needs to end. If your elected representative is running for higher office let them know they need to resign instead of having a fall-back. The people's business needs to come before personal gain.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dancing With The Stars Week 5

Dancing With The Stars finally saw the end of Mark 'The Mouth' Cuban. Yes, the boy billionaire lost 30 pounds and learned to move his feet without moving his mouth but couldn't buy the affection of the fans. People finally saw through his nice guy act. Oh, I finally figured out why he might have been chosen for the show to begin with....he's a producer....of movies. He has been the producer of several movies including the now showing "We Own The Night."

I don't know what else to say about this week on Dancing With The Stars...I finally can focus on the people that could actually win it without buying it.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Britney Spears Gets One Right

I'm not really a fan of Britney Spears. However, after a year or two of really screwing up royally Britney Spears finally gets one right. Being surrounded by scumbag photographers and trying to drive away Britney ran over the foot of one of them. Hah! She might not be the best mom, wife, or even lip synch artist but she got this one right. And it's almost poetic justice. I'm not saying that all of the photogs ought to be run over but anybody who's that much of a leach really needs to have some salt put on them. With the lenses available today there's absolutely no need to be in someone's face all the time unless you're trying to provoke that someone. If that's the case it should be ok to punch them, spit on them, or occasionally run over their foot. Way to go Britney Spears!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dancing With The Stars Week 4

Dancing With The Stars said goodbye to a champion this week. Floyd Mayweather was the dancer released in round 4 and that's a tragedy. It's a tragedy because "Bigfoot in a suit", Mark Cuban, is still in the running. It's a tragedy because the other person in the bottom two, Mel B, is still in the running.

On the good side of things the dancing of each star is really improving and getting more exciting. Both Jenny Garth and Jane Seymore turned in some of their best performances and have really stepped it up, but Helio and Sabrina are still right there at the top. Helio turned in a solid performance while Sabrina got the first perfect score of this season.

It's really getting good and I'm looking forward to next week.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Al Gore Wins The Nobel Peace Prize

It took me a while to get the nausea to subside. The idea of Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize initially made me feel very unsettled. After all, what has Al Gore done to promote world peace? Has he stopped an ongoing war, or has he just talked trash about leaders that have to face war each day? Has Al Gore prevented a war somewhere? If he has I can't find a reference anywhere. Has he even brought potential enemies to the table to talk out their differences? No, he hasn't stopped a war, hasn't prevented a war, and hasn't hosted a peace conference.

It turns out that Al Gore's nomination for the Nobel came about for his efforts to scare the public with stories of impending doom due to global warming. That's not how the Nobel committee characterized his original nomination, it's just my interpretation but I stand by it. But since global warming is the basis for Gore's Nobel, how exactly does his ministry contribute to peace...oh yeah, it doesn't.

Not only does Al Gore's global warming ministry not contribute to peace, it's not particularly good at educating young people. A recent ruling in a British court detailed 9 significant errors in Al Gore's movie about global warming and ruled that it could not be shown to secondary school children without notes that balance the errors and Gore's "one-sided" views. Did the Nobel committee know about this?

Did the Nobel committee get it wrong? Of course they did, just like the time they gave the prize to Yasser Arafat. Yes, the terrorist leader Yasser Arafat received the Nobel Peace Prize. Makes me feel globally warm and fuzzy, how about you?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Congressman Bennie Thompson Hates NASCAR Fans

Congressman Bennie Thompson (D - Miss), chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, thinks NASCAR fans are disease ridden and that his aides need to be inoculated before mixing with us. How's that for some elite behavior from an elected official? How's that for alienating a large portion of voters from his own district?

According to Yahoo Sports: "The seven-term Congressman recently instructed committee aides who visited Talladega Superspeedway last weekend and are also at this weekend's Nextel Cup race at Lowe's Motor Speedway to be immunized against a variety of diseases such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, diphtheria, tetanus and influenza."

Something not in the story that I've wondered this an indication that Congressman Bennie Thompson is a racist? I certainly hope not and I don't know of anything he's said that would make that case, but he's African-American and the overwhelming majority of NASCAR drivers and fans are white. If a Republican Congressman had made a comment like that about a predominately African-American event what would the press be doing right now? They'd be camped out on that Republicans doorstep and asking if he was part of the KKK. Where's the coverage here? Why didn't this story about a Democratic Congressman lead the 6 o'clock news?

Hopefully, even without heavy news coverage the voters in Congressman Bennie Thompson's district will shake his hand and let him know they've had their shots when he's out pressing the flesh. Hopefully they'll remember what he thinks of them when they vote in the next election.

But you know what? This type of thinking by a Congressman like Bennie Thompson is not unusual in Congress. These elected officials go to Washington, D.C. and start acting as though they're royalty and above the citizens they are there to represent. It's time we all got together and voted out ANY politician who has had more than two terms in office. Congressman Bennie Thompson has had 7 terms, look what it's done to him.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Congress And Pelosi Step In It Again

The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi (D - CA), is leading the Congress in alienating one of our allies. Pelosi and the Democrat majority are set to vote on a resolution calling an incident in Turkey a genocide. A resolution does not have the force of law, does not call for any action, or really mean anything other than appeasing a group that lobbies (makes contributions to) Congress. So why do it when it upsets the Turkish government - our ally in the War On Terror? Why do it now when the incident in question occured in 1915? Yes, that's right...92 years ago.

Is this what voters wanted when they elected Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats to the majority? Did they really want Pelosi and crew to go around screwing up alliances that have benefitted both sides for decades to appease campaign contributors? Did the voters of this country expect Congress to spend so much time and effort on a resolution that doesn't do anything? Well, they must have wanted it because you get the government you deserve.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dancing With The Stars Week 3

Hard to believe three weeks have gone by on Dancing With The Stars. We've finally had to say goodbye to Wayne Newton and that's kinda sad but completely expected. I've been a fan of Wayne Newton for many years, probably because I grew up in Las Vegas but...he really had no chance on Dancing With The Stars. It's sad to see him go because he was probably the competitor most entitled to the "Star" designation.

On the men's side of the competition I still can't wait for Mark Cuban to be gone. I admit he's doing well especially since he had hip replacement surgery in June; however, he's still a guy that would get beat up frequently if he didn' t have a lot of money. I'm not saying he's a jerk but if you want to....go ahead. The favorite is still Helio Castroneves. For a race car champion he's pretty darned good. If enough people will watch the dancing instead of taking part in the popularity contest he has a good shot to win it all. Cameron? He's doing ok but most of his votes are from his fan base. Should I mention Floyd Mayweather? Wow, I thought he'd do pretty well and he is but there's still something missing there, maybe he'll step it up.

On the women's side of the competition does anybody really think that Scary Spice Melanie Brown can win? I certainly don't think she can get it done but who knows? Jennie Garth and Marie Osmond are also long shots. Jane Seymore is, at 56 years old, still a very beautiful woman but can she be a competitive ballroom dancer? I doubt it. It's just a guess on my part but Sabrina Bryan seems to have what it takes to go all the way.

What do you think? Helio and Sabrina in the finals of Dancing With The Stars?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Another Rose Ceremony On The Bachelor

I can't believe that I'm sitting here watching The Bachelor on the DVR, but it's what Lydia wants to watch after having seen Chuck and Heroes tonight. I don't know what season this is...something like the 10th...but there's something that kinda makes me laugh. Did you ever notice that on The Bachelor, when they do the personal interview with the women, that some of the women are crying and saying "this is so tough, I didn't sign up for this." What? This is not the first season of the show. All of these women have seen the show and...yeah, they did sign up for it. They knew what would happen on the show.

The other thing that makes me laugh is the host during the Rose Ceremony. It gets down to the last rose and the host, Chris, steps up and says "Ladies, the final rose." Duh. The women are five feet away and the rose is on a tray clearly they really need to be told it's the last one?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Wants An Exit Strategy?

On Sunday House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi(D - CA) was interviewed on Fox News Sunday. Among the things she talked about was how she still hoped to get most US troops out of Iraq by the end of 2008, despite the party's repeated failure to win over enough Republicans in Congress to an exit strategy. An exit strategy? For Iraq?

OK madam Speaker, how about exit strategies for World War II, the Cold War, and Korea? Shouldn't we exit in a first-in-first-out manner? We're still in Germany, Italy, and England having been there since WWII. We spend billions of dollars maintaining bases and troops in Europe and the Nazi threat is over...where's the exit strategy? You could argue that the European bases were kept there for the Cold War but that's been over since the late 1980's. Where is our European exit strategy? We still have bases and troops in Japan but the Emperor of Japan gave a formal surrender decades ago. Where's the Japanese exit strategy?

How about Korea? Korea is a bit different than the WWII left overs. We have bases and lots of troops on the Korean peninsula some of which are killed in the line of duty each year. Where's the exit strategy for Korea? Why aren't we getting our troops out of harm's way in Korea? Heck, the DMZ is not a safe place. There was never an end to hostilities there but there was a cease fire...can't we get out now? South Korea is much more stable than Iraq so why isn't Speaker Pelosi demanding an exit strategy from Korea? If it was really about getting our troops out of harm's way Korea would be a good place to start.

Unlike Europe, Japan, and Korea we are still actively fighting in Iraq. We are fighting against people who want us gone. They want us out of the Middle East, they want us off the planet and they're willing to kill us to get their way. The best exit strategy is to defeat those who would kill us and then leave. Of course Speaker Pelosi conveniently forgets that if Congress discontinued funding our forces they would have to leave. She didn't push that and won't push that though because that would empower our enemies and she knows it. It would also be the end of her party's majority in Congress. She'd much rather mislead a sheepish public into believing some special exit strategy is needed and that the Republicans are to blame.

P.S. Yes, I know there are strategic reasons for being in Europe, Japan, and Korea.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Does An Opening Door Contribute To Global Warming?

Why isn't there more of an uproar? Everywhere you go there seems to be more and more automatic door openers. At every WalMart, Sam's Club, Costco, Grocery Store, home improvement store, and just about every other type of large place of business you can find them. Automatic door openers are opening entrances and assisting with your exit...while using electric power produced by power plants producing prodigous amounts of carbon dioxide.

Thousands upon thousands or maybe even millions of automatic door openers are working right now. They're using electricity everytime someone walks into or out of the door. With all the electricity they're using you would think more people would join the fight to ban automatic door openers around the world. As if it wasn't bad enough that automatic door openers contribute to global warming they're probably contributing to obesity too.

Automatic door openers might seem like small fries to those trying to ban the internal combustion engine. Automatic door openers might seem insignificant compared to the massive carbon footprint of Al Gore as he flies in a private jet to a speech that could have been given via satellite; however, when you add up all the electricity used by automatic door openers you can understand the threat they pose and their evil contribution to Global Warming. Do your part a door by yourself.

By the way, the above post is a load of crap...kinda like the idea of man-made Global Warming.

Friday, October 5, 2007

What Was Senator Larry Craig Thinking?

OK, what was Senator Larry Craig (R - Idaho) thinking? First, he propositions a police officer in an airport public bathroom and immediately becomes the butt of late night talk show host jokes. Then he pleads guilty to the charge supposedly to make it all go away. Then this guy, a U.S. Senator who's supposed to understand the law, tries to take back his guilty plea. Huh?

Personally, I think the problem is that our Members of Congress including Senator Craig think they're above the law. Remember when a Congressman was found to have $90 thousand cash in his freezer? Remember what happened when the FBI searched that Congressman's office? Yep, the House of Representatives screamed bloody murder and came up with a bogus "separation of powers" argument...essentially saying that the FBI had no jurisdiction to come after a Congressman because the FBI is part of the Executive Branch. Law unto themselves.

So, when you're above the law you don't worry that you've already plead guilty to a crime because you couldn't have committed the crime in the first place. Oh well, guess it backfired on him because the judge wouldn't let him change the plea. I don't know where to go with this....I'm just really disgusted with all these political hacks. We really need some change and I've got some ideas about what kind of change but more about that later.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dancing With The Stars Week 2

I knew it could happen. A "star" gets eliminated even though he dances better than the competition. I'm not sure how to "fix" Dancing With The Stars but something really ought to be done. Maybe what it takes is to change the voting system by giving more weight to the judge's scores in the first 4-5 weeks. By doing that the stars who give the best ballroom dancing performance would advance rather than the star with the biggest fan base. After all, how do you explain Jerry Springer doing so well last season? How about Wayne Newton this season? Ok, I voted for Wayne myself but that's the point I'm making.

This time around Albert Reed got eliminated though both his week 1 and week 2 performances were better than pseudo-star Mark 'the mouth' Cuban, or Wayne Newton. If the voting keeps going as a popularity contest then what's going to happen to Helio Castroneves? He's really a front-runner so far but how many people actually know who he is? Will he lose votes to a lesser dancer? How about Floyd Mayweather? He's doing pretty well, but will he lose votes to Wayne? On the women's side I'm really impressed with Sabrina Bryan. I'm wondering if she can take it all the way like Drew Lachey did. After all, he was a pop star with hip-hop dance experience like Sabrina's.

What do you think?

Does Senator Harkin need some busy work?

Do United States Senators have nothing better to do than attack radio talk show hosts? Apparently one of them has nothing better to do on the Senate floor. Senator Tom Harkin (D- Iowa) recently blasted Rush Limbaugh on the Senate floor during normal business hours. Harkin stated "I must say that as a veteran, I find it offensive that Rush Limbaugh, who never put on the uniform of this country, would attack the patriotism and the dedication of any soldier fighting in Iraq" apparently referring to a recent show where Limbaugh spoke about "phony soldiers" who had not served and that fraudulently sought Veteran's benefits. Harkin went on to say that "Maybe he (Rush Limbaugh) was just high on his drugs again." Is this what people get elected to the Senate to do? Isn't there a budget meeting to go to or a post office that needs a name?

As if wasting U.S. Senate time, the taxpayers time, wasn't bad enough...the whole thing was a lie. I heard the show that Senator Harkin was referring to and at no time did Rush Limbaugh ever insult any member of the U.S. Military. To the contrary he was highly complimentary of all U.S. Military men and women. In fact I listen to Rush Limbaugh's show as often as my schedule permits and I've never heard anything but high praise for the military from Rush Limbaugh.

As a U.S. Army Veteran with more years of service than Senator Harkin, I think he needs to find some busy work. Maybe he can lie about his combat service again.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Wow, I just saw the movie Idiocracy starring Luke Perry and Maya Rudolph. You'd have to see it to believe it. It's about Perry (Mr. Average) and Rudolph being placed in a "Human Hibernation Project" by the Army and waking up 500 years later when Perry is now the most intelligent man on earth. How did this Mr. Average get to be the smartest guy around? It's because of the dumbing down of society. Too much TV, and too much playing to the dumbest of the dumb. It seems like a audio/visual prediction of the future and it seems to be coming true. Read a book!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

LeBron James hosts SNL?

There's just no justice to be had sometimes. Basketball Star LeBron James is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight. What's up with that? He lost. He didn't win the NBA World Championship. So why is he hosting SNL?

Please don't misunderstand. I like LeBron James. I like him because he's a very talented athlete who seems to have a good sense of humor. He doesn't go around carrying guns in bars like some thugs in the NBA. Hasn't been arrested for whatever the NBA crime of the week is. I like him because he doesn't go around blaming others for LOSING THE NBA FINALS. And, because he's willing to be responsible for his team's efforts when others in the NBA (Kobe) whine about refs, team mates, coaches, etc.

There are other players I like who would be great SNL hosts. I think Tony Parker the point guard for the San Antonio Spurs...The NBA World Champions...would do well. Tony Parker who, in addition to being the winner of the NBA Finals, was named one of People Magazine's 50 most beautiful people, also has his own rap album (in French), and is married to Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria. Doesn't it seem that Parker should be the host instead of James?

Of course it's probably because the networks hate the San Antonio Spurs. They just get the job done in a business-like manner without a lot of flash or rape trials (Kobe?). They won their 4th NBA Championship in 8 years and got record low TV ratings in the process. But, instead of celebrating the Spurs victory and having Tony Parker as SNL host they choose LeBron. No Justice.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Armed Citizens

There's a saying "The armed man is a citizen, the unarmed man a subject." I'll save my opinions on that statement for later, but I will say that the armed citizen is better able to defend themselves, their loved ones, and property. According to the National Rifle Association (NRA) "firearms (guns) are used more than 2 million times a year for personal protection, and that the presence of a firearm, without a shot being fired, prevents crime in many instances." Other sources (anti-gun sources) claim that the NRA's figures are high and that the number is closer to 600,000. Uh, excuse me but does it matter which number is correct? If we take the lower number of 600,000 people that protect themselves from criminals each year by having or using a gun isn't that good enough reason to assert our 2nd amendment rights?

The following stories of people defending themselves using their privately owned guns were originally printed in local newspapers and then reprinted in the NRA's publication "America's 1st Freedom".

A man was sitting in his vehicle while his wife shopped for groceries. To his horror, three men burst into the store with a gun, appeared to fire and began robbing customers. The man called 9-1-1, then received a call from his wife. "I just heard her saying, 'There is nothing in my purse," he recollects. "And there was a 'pow.' The phone went dead." The man, a concealed-handgun-license holder, sprang from his vehicle and entered the store with his .45-caliber pistol. He hoped to avoid confronting the bandits, but police say that was not to be. One of the robbers pointed a gun at the man, and he responded by firing two shots at the suspect, injuring him as his accomplices fled. Neither the man's wife nor any others were harmed. "I was just worried about my wife," the man said, noting he took no satisfaction in shooting the suspect. "I just wanted to get her out of there." (The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, 07/5/07)

Johhny Johnson awoke to the sound of a gunshot and his front door being kicked in. A security system alerted the sheriff's office while Johnson phoned his mother. She told him to avoid heroics and "stay low," but Johnson had other plans. He snuck down the hallway with a 9 mm pistol, surprising one of the intruders and shooting him multiple times. Police nabbed the alleged burglars and their getaway driver at a hospital. "I'm in the right, because it's either me or them," Johnson said. Police agreed. (The Times-Union, Jacksonville, Fla., 07/12/07)

Stories like these occur quite often but are seldom given a place on the evening news. Why is that? Why isn't news like this given a wider audience? People have a right to defend themselves but many don't know that they are able to do so. Still others believe the propaganda put out by the anti-gun lobby that only the military and police should have guns and that the police can protect us. Don't get me wrong, I think the police do a wonderful job given their resources, but even police officers understand they can't be everywhere. Let's get the word out.

Bulldoze the UN?

I heard an interesting idea on the Glenn Beck radio show. The idea was to bulldoze the United Nations building and turn it into a dog park. Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me.

The United Nations is a place where the United States (the UN's host) is routinely bashed in public by "diplomats" from dictatorships and various other repressive regimes. It's where they try to lecture the U.S. about human rights when the UN's human rights council is composed of the worst violators of human rights. The United Nation's various diplomats continuously violate our laws because they have diplomatic immunity.

The United Nations is also where various members of the UN Security Council tried to keep the U.S. from invading Iraq....because they were doing business with Iraq in violation of UN resolutions. Yes, France was illegally receiving oil from Iraq while selling Iraq everything from telephone systems in Baghdad, to Peugeot automobiles, and weapons. Germany was the builder of the underground bunkers that Saddam called palaces. Russia, another UN Security Council member, sold weapons to Iraq and also devices that were supposed to "deflect" our GPS guided bombs from their legitimate targets.

Let's bulldoze the UN.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dancing With The Stars Week 1

Ok, I was going to write about something else but I do love Dancing With The Stars. I admit it, I really love the show and it inspired me to learn ballroom dancing. But week 1 of this installment of Dancing With The Stars has me wondering what the hell is going on. Each of the contestants with the exception of one is a star in their own field...and then there's Mark Cuban. Setting aside the fact that he's a world-class jerk, what is he a star of? He's a billionaire who owns a basketball team called the Dallas Mavericks. How does that make him a star? His 1st seeded team was put out of the playoffs by the last seeded team in the first round. How does that make him a star? His dancing was bad and his mouth moved more than his legs yet he's moving on to week 2. I just don't get it.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Good Luck Chuck

It's no secret that I like movies. Action movies, comedies, dramas, even the occasional horror movie are a way for me to take a 2 hour mini-vacation. Some are a good way to take the mini-vacation and some are not so good, but "Good Luck Chuck" starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba ranks among the good ways.

I'm not going to give a full review here, I'm just going to say that if you like romantic comedies you'll like "Good Luck Chuck". Women like it for the love story and men....well, it's got Jessica Alba. It's good fun and worth the ticket price.

Global Warming...The First Post of Many

The media and the environmental zealots would call me a "global warming denier". That's not really what I am. If I deny anything about the so called global warming crisis it's that it's a man-made phenomenom. Can you really believe that we have enough information to make that determination? That we've accounted for Solar activity over the past million years? That we know enough about the orbital dynamics of the Earth? How about the global cooling effects of volcanic activity? The list of stuff we don't know is quite long. The information that we do have indicates that the Earth goes through occasional periods of warming and cooling and we don't have all the information about those periods.

Let me state it this way...the Earth has had several periods of extreme cold called "Ice Ages". Guess what? EVERY ICE AGE ENDED DUE TO GLOBAL WARMING! Imagine that! There was actually global warming before mankind invented cars, factories, large cities, power plants, and all the other stuff that's supposedly making the planet warmer.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

My first post

Hello and welcome to my first blog post on! There's lots more to come because I have a lot to say. I'll be talking about politics and elections...local, state, and national. That means immigration, the Global War On Terrorism, Medicare, and also sorts of other stuff will be blogged about. The environment...Oh yeah. I'll talk about health care because it's something near and dear to me. Movies, music and the people that make movies and music will be another topic that I'll be discussing. Sports? Yes, I'll be going on and on about sports from time to time, especially my San Antonio Spurs and shooting sports. I probably won't be posting much about my occupation on this particular blog because I blog about that subject on another blog called the San Antonio Massage Therapy Blog. This blog isn't about my occupation.

Why will I be posting/blogging/talking about all of this stuff? Because I can and because you will be really interested in what I have to say. No, really. You will be endlessly entertained and/or angered by what I have to say whether you agree with me or not.

What qualifies me to comment on these various subjects? Well, I have a good brain and a pretty good education. I pay attention to the world and am well informed. I've experienced a great many things in life. And...I'm an American! So, even if I weren't qualified to blog on these subjects my American citizenship means I can say pretty much anything I want to! If you can't do that where you are...too bad. Make a change.
Hey, feel free to make comments on what I have to say. Even if you don't agree with me leave a comment, but.......make sure you don't get into name calling, poor logic, or spreading false information. If you do your comment won't be posted. If you're polite and reasoned you'll be ok.