Monday, September 24, 2007

Global Warming...The First Post of Many

The media and the environmental zealots would call me a "global warming denier". That's not really what I am. If I deny anything about the so called global warming crisis it's that it's a man-made phenomenom. Can you really believe that we have enough information to make that determination? That we've accounted for Solar activity over the past million years? That we know enough about the orbital dynamics of the Earth? How about the global cooling effects of volcanic activity? The list of stuff we don't know is quite long. The information that we do have indicates that the Earth goes through occasional periods of warming and cooling and we don't have all the information about those periods.

Let me state it this way...the Earth has had several periods of extreme cold called "Ice Ages". Guess what? EVERY ICE AGE ENDED DUE TO GLOBAL WARMING! Imagine that! There was actually global warming before mankind invented cars, factories, large cities, power plants, and all the other stuff that's supposedly making the planet warmer.

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