Thursday, December 13, 2007

Steroids In Baseball...Who Cares?

C'mon who really cares that a bunch of overpaid professional ball players use steroids and human growth hormone? Regular season baseball is about as exciting as watching paint dry so why would anyone mind that maybe it gets spiced up a bit?

Think about it. Why are steroids banned in sports? In amateur sports it's to supposedly keep the competition level by making it about the athletes instead of who has the best lab. I buy that for the Olympics and similar venues where many of the athletes are minors and where countries may have fewer resources than their competitors, but pro sports are different. The players are adults and every team has lots of resources. If the players are stupid enough to inject steroids and die young in pursuit of a better career so be it. It might make that boring ass game of baseball a little more fun.

By the way...I'm REALLY Glad the American Taxpayer had to foot the bill for the Mitchell Report - aren't you?

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