Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Does Senator Harkin need some busy work?

Do United States Senators have nothing better to do than attack radio talk show hosts? Apparently one of them has nothing better to do on the Senate floor. Senator Tom Harkin (D- Iowa) recently blasted Rush Limbaugh on the Senate floor during normal business hours. Harkin stated "I must say that as a veteran, I find it offensive that Rush Limbaugh, who never put on the uniform of this country, would attack the patriotism and the dedication of any soldier fighting in Iraq" apparently referring to a recent show where Limbaugh spoke about "phony soldiers" who had not served and that fraudulently sought Veteran's benefits. Harkin went on to say that "Maybe he (Rush Limbaugh) was just high on his drugs again." Is this what people get elected to the Senate to do? Isn't there a budget meeting to go to or a post office that needs a name?

As if wasting U.S. Senate time, the taxpayers time, wasn't bad enough...the whole thing was a lie. I heard the show that Senator Harkin was referring to and at no time did Rush Limbaugh ever insult any member of the U.S. Military. To the contrary he was highly complimentary of all U.S. Military men and women. In fact I listen to Rush Limbaugh's show as often as my schedule permits and I've never heard anything but high praise for the military from Rush Limbaugh.

As a U.S. Army Veteran with more years of service than Senator Harkin, I think he needs to find some busy work. Maybe he can lie about his combat service again.

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