Friday, October 5, 2007

What Was Senator Larry Craig Thinking?

OK, what was Senator Larry Craig (R - Idaho) thinking? First, he propositions a police officer in an airport public bathroom and immediately becomes the butt of late night talk show host jokes. Then he pleads guilty to the charge supposedly to make it all go away. Then this guy, a U.S. Senator who's supposed to understand the law, tries to take back his guilty plea. Huh?

Personally, I think the problem is that our Members of Congress including Senator Craig think they're above the law. Remember when a Congressman was found to have $90 thousand cash in his freezer? Remember what happened when the FBI searched that Congressman's office? Yep, the House of Representatives screamed bloody murder and came up with a bogus "separation of powers" argument...essentially saying that the FBI had no jurisdiction to come after a Congressman because the FBI is part of the Executive Branch. Law unto themselves.

So, when you're above the law you don't worry that you've already plead guilty to a crime because you couldn't have committed the crime in the first place. Oh well, guess it backfired on him because the judge wouldn't let him change the plea. I don't know where to go with this....I'm just really disgusted with all these political hacks. We really need some change and I've got some ideas about what kind of change but more about that later.

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