Monday, November 5, 2007

Would I Vote For A Woman?

Someone (a Hillary Clinton supporter) recently asked me "Would you vote for a woman?" I actually got a little offended at the question but kept my composure. I didn't ask why such a question would be asked but considering the source of the question I'm guessing the person asking it had some pre-conceived notions about me that they wanted to explore.

This person knows that I'm more conservative than liberal and I know the person asking is just the opposite. A good person but somewhat easily swayed by the liberal media. This person believes the rhetoric that conservatives are trying to keep women barefoot and pregnant, are homophobic, want to poison the air and water, and want to starve children everywhere while denying them healthcare. I don't match that view of a conservative person nor have I ever met someone that does.

So, the simple answer to the question is...Yes, I would vote for a woman and have done so on previous occasions. That's the answer I gave to my questioner. I further told this person that I don't really care if the candidate in an election is a man or a woman, I only care that I make a good choice and select the best qualified person.

In keeping with the truth of my answer and the personal philosophy behind it I now have to ask "Is there a woman in the current U.S. Presidential Campaign I would vote for?" Hold on. Let me think about that one. Ok, my answer is "No." As far as I know there is only one woman in the current U.S. Presidential Campaign and her name is Hillary Clinton. I cannot think of a reason why I'd vote for her.....unless she were running against the Devil himself....and that would really be a tough choice....they have some similar views. However, I had a dream.


Incognito said...

Thank God! Far too many people will vote for her for all the wrong reasons:
a. she's a woman
b. they hate the Republicans so much they'd rather Hillary than a Republican
c. they think Bill will rule the roost, and they want Bill back (believe me, I've seen this reasoning)

And then there are those evangelicals who are willing to hand the presidency over to her because they can't find a worthy enough Republican candidate.

Sigh. It's going to be a tough election.

I hope you persuaded your 'friend' to not vote for her.

Unfortunately, my sister's vote and mine will cancel out my parent's vote who both seem determined to vote for Shrillary. Though my Dad might not. We shall see.

Ms. Missive said...

I actually think a large portion of voting Americans have the same rational as you. They are more concerned about the most qualified candidate than gender. And I believe that those that are leaning towards Sen. Clinton are doing so because they actually believe the words coming out of her mouth.

As for me... I see quite a bit of ganging up against her from the other male candidates. As a woman, I feel some sympathy for her. BUT, that doesn't make me blind to who she is or hearing what she stands for.