Saturday, November 17, 2007

Because She's A Woman

I heard it on the radio. The woman on the phone with the radio show's host declared she was a supporter of Hillary Clinton. The host asked the woman a simple question, "what policy of hers do you like?" The answer was a simple, "I don't know." She later admitted that the only reason she was voting for Hillary Clinton was..."She's a woman."

It's scary to think that people are that stupid. I'm not saying it's stupid to vote for a woman. I'm on the record as saying I would vote for the right woman, but what if I said I'm voting for Mitt Romney just because he's a man? People would consider me an idiot and they'd be right.

Please, if you're actually going to vote for someone to be President of the United States, check out the candidates. Learn what their policies are, especially if they want to raise taxes like Hillary does. Find out about their backgrounds in (alleged) insider trading like Hillary. Consider their experience running a business or government like...someone other than Hillary.

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