Monday, December 17, 2007

Global Warming...Really?

Ok, many of you that know me are aware that one of my favorite quotes is by me..."Every Ice Age Ended Due To Global Warming." I don't buy into the idea of man-made global warming though I'm quite aware that the planet goes through heating and cooling cycles all the time. This week somewhere around 60% of the United States is currently experiencing freezing temperatures and in many of those areas there is snow cover. Much of this is in areas experiencing record lows. Meanwhile the United Nations just finished a meeting about global BALI where it's warm all year. I guess it's easier to convince the gullible of man-made global warming when you're someplace warm and nearer to the equator rather than your headquarters in freezing cold New York City.
The powers supplying the idea of man-made global warming are trying their level best to get you to buy into the hysteria. Why? Simple, if you buy into it you're less likely to fight the taxes they're proposing to combat the evil polluters in the world. Yes, I said taxes. If you listen carefully to people like Al Gore and the other super liberals that think humans are a blight on the planet you'll hear them propose taxes to fight man-made global warming. Don't say I didn't warn you when your paycheck gets smaller.

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NickBlogger said...

I couldn't agree more Ben. Well said.