Saturday, September 22, 2007

My first post

Hello and welcome to my first blog post on! There's lots more to come because I have a lot to say. I'll be talking about politics and elections...local, state, and national. That means immigration, the Global War On Terrorism, Medicare, and also sorts of other stuff will be blogged about. The environment...Oh yeah. I'll talk about health care because it's something near and dear to me. Movies, music and the people that make movies and music will be another topic that I'll be discussing. Sports? Yes, I'll be going on and on about sports from time to time, especially my San Antonio Spurs and shooting sports. I probably won't be posting much about my occupation on this particular blog because I blog about that subject on another blog called the San Antonio Massage Therapy Blog. This blog isn't about my occupation.

Why will I be posting/blogging/talking about all of this stuff? Because I can and because you will be really interested in what I have to say. No, really. You will be endlessly entertained and/or angered by what I have to say whether you agree with me or not.

What qualifies me to comment on these various subjects? Well, I have a good brain and a pretty good education. I pay attention to the world and am well informed. I've experienced a great many things in life. And...I'm an American! So, even if I weren't qualified to blog on these subjects my American citizenship means I can say pretty much anything I want to! If you can't do that where you are...too bad. Make a change.
Hey, feel free to make comments on what I have to say. Even if you don't agree with me leave a comment, but.......make sure you don't get into name calling, poor logic, or spreading false information. If you do your comment won't be posted. If you're polite and reasoned you'll be ok.

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