Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama and Biden - Sticking Their Noses Into Private Business Affairs?

Thursday President Obama was quoted as saying "It is shameful". What was shameful? He was referring to $18 Billion in bonuses paid to Wall Street executives. He also said "And part of what we're going to need is for the folks on Wall Street who are asking for help to show some restraint, and show some discipline, and show some sense of responsibility." Vice President Biden said "I'd like to throw these guys in the brig." Huh? Why? They're in private business and their only responsibility when it comes to pay and bonuses is to make the owners of their company (stock holders) and the members of the board believe they earned what they got. That's it.

The only reason the government should have anything to say about the issue is if taxpayer money is used for the bonuses. And, the only way that could happen is if the Socialists in Washington, D.C. give money to "bailout" a private company AND don't place restrictions on how the money is used. If they're that stupid, and they are, then they have no right to bitch and moan when execs get board approval for a bonus. If taxpayer money isn't used then it's none of the federal government's damned business but as usual Democrats are engaging in class warfare to distract the public.

Just remember, if the government can tell Wall Street execs how much money they can make or how much their bonus can be...they can tell you too.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year For The U.S. Congress

Happy New Year Congress! Why? Well, those of you in Congress just got a $4,700 pay raise that you voted to give yourselves. Even though Congress has an approval rating of just 9% (lower than the President), the economy is in recession, and unemployment is up, you think you're worth more money. You're not worth the money. Members of Congress need to step back and take a look at the pitiful job they're doing and then give the U.S. Taxpayer back every dime that is above the Federal Minimum Wage.

NOTE: Base salary for a U.S. Congressman is $174,000 of YOUR MONEY. Some in Congress make more money due to their position...Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi will now take $223,500 of YOUR MONEY per year.

Who says crime doesn't pay?

Stupid Is As Stupid....

Some things that are done are so stupid that you really can't believe someone with an IQ above room temperature did them. This time it's a group of nine Muslim-Americans. It turns out that these nine muslims were On An Airplane ready to depart on vacation and were talking amongst themselves about where the safest place to sit on the plane was. Huh? Their conversation, which the FBI has stated was completely innocent, was overheard by other passengers who complained. The nine were taken off of the plane and extensively interviewed by the FBI.

Could Anyone have seen this coming? Could the average ten year old child figure out that people that appear to be Arab/Muslim/Middle Eastern talking about safety On An Airplane might receive some official scrutiny? Have these people, all but one of which were born in the U.S., forgotten that a bunch of Arab-Muslim's killed thousands of Americans on September 11th?

They need to get a clue.