Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Armed Citizen Report: March 2010

If you've been paying attention to the news lately I'm sure you've noticed that politicians are taking actions against the will of the citizens of the United States. You may have also noticed that they have little regard for the U.S. Constitution and are willing to bully their programs through both houses of Congress. So, how long do you think it will be before they come after your guns? I don't think it will be too long and that's too bad because real people use their lawfully owned guns to protect themselves all the time as the stories below show.

NRA member Robert Cole and his wife, Pam, had just started to doze off one evening when they heard breaking glass and their motion detector alarm as it went off. Then Cole heard someone in the living room. "I woke my wife up and told her we had someone in the house, and she told me to grab the shotgun," he remembered. Police said he peered out the bedroom door and saw a man in the living room holding a fire extinguisher. "I was worried he was going to hurt me or my wife so I [fired] one round of No. 6 shot," Cole said. Police arrested the wounded suspect and an alleged accomplice nearby. This wasn't Cole's first act of armed citizenry. He was involved in another incident reported in December 2004. (North Channel Sentinel, Pasadena, Texas 01/07/10)

A man allegedly burglarized a vending machine and fled from police in his vehicle. The suspect cracked his axle but continued to drive away. He stashed the car near an elementary school, which was placed on lockdown as police scoured the area. "As they were searching the area, they heard a pop," said Phoenix Police Sgt. Tommy Thompson. The sound they heard was the report of a nearby homeowner's shotgun. The suspect entered the home and demanded money and car keys. In fear of his life, the homeowner fired his shotgun, killing the suspect. (The Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Ariz., 01/27/10)

Police said that shortly after midnight three men broke into a home seeking money and drugs. There were no drugs in the home, but there was a .22-cal. rifle - and an 11-year-old boy trained in its use. The boy leapt to the defense of his mother and sister. One of the intruders shot the boy, slightly injuring him. The boy returned fire, seriously wounding a suspect and causing the men to flee the home. Police found all three intruders nearby. The wounded man was airlifted to a hospital and will be charged after his release. (San Antonio Express-News, San Antonio, Texas, 01/20/10)

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wacky Global Warming News: Murder-Suicide Pact Due To Global Warming Hoax

Al Gore and the various frauds claiming Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is destroying the world are certainly guilty of a variety of crimes against the people of the world. Now, the AGW hucksters should be listed as accessories to a murder, an attempted murder, and two suicides.

Francisco Lotero, 56, and Miriam Coletti, 23, of Goya, Argentina shot their seven-month-old daughter in the chest leaving her for dead. They also shot their two-year-old son in the back (killing him) before killing themselves. Why? According to a suicide note left by the Argentinian cowards it was because of their fear of the effects of Global Warming. That's right, fear of Global Warming led them to kill one of their young children and attempt to kill the other child before taking their own worthless lives. And, it's all due to the hoax perpetrated by Al Gore and a bunch of "scientists" out to make money off of the fear of others.

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