Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dancing With The Stars Final

Ok, I'll say it. "I told you so." I've been predicting that Helio Castroneves would be in the finals of Dancing With The Stars since the first or second show. Congratulations to Helio and his partner Julianne.

Even though I'm not surprised that Helio won the dancing title I am surprised at who was there at the end with him. I could not have predicted that Mel B and Marie Osmond would be in the finals. With Marie Osmond I wouldn't have thought that she'd have the stamina to do so well, nor that she'd bounce back after the loss of her father. The other surprise was Mel B. When the season started I didn't think she'd make it because I thought her partner would be in jail for choking the life out of her whiny butt. Oh well, nothing like live TV.

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