Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Washington DC City Government Denies Handgun Registration Based On Gun Color

It's amazing how far liberal city officials will go to prevent the exercise of Constitutional Rights in the nation's capital. They persist in violating civil rights despite being told last summer by the Supreme Court (in DC v Heller) that the Second Amendment protects a pre-existing, private, individually-held right, to keep arms and to bear arms, without regard to a person’s relationship to a militia. More simply, DC residents including Heller could keep a fully assembled and loaded gun in his home for self-defense.

Despite the Heller decision the DC city government, in an effort to side-step the U.S. Constitution, has done all it can do to prevent U.S. citizens from exercising their rights by instituting a ridiculous gun registration scheme which includes a roster of "approved" guns based on a State of California list. All citizens attempting to register a handgun for their own defense in their own homes can only do so if their gun is on the list. Simple? Well, not really and that's why the city of Washington DC is being sued yet again.

The lawsuit was filed against Washington DC because when Tracy Ambeau Hanson tried to register her Springfield XD-45, which is on the approved list, she was denied registration because her gun was the wrong color. Oh yeah, you read that correctly. Her gun was not an approved black, green, or brown was bi-tone. Because of that bi-tone color her gun was considered "unsafe" and her registration was denied and rights violated.

The lesson here is that anti-gun, anti-rights governments will make it up as they go in order to accomplish their goals. Exercise your rights or be ready to lose them. You can take a step in the right direction by supporting the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation.

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