Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Criminal Mastermind Killed By Intended Victim

Today in San Antonio, Texas a criminal decided to end his life by robbing someone. Maybe he should have read my Public Service Message To Criminals and saved his own life. Oh well, if he was that smart he might have had a real job...maybe even an honest career...I hear the President needs people and he's not all that picky.

Anyway, this criminal mastermind shows up on the northside of San Antonio and walks around the parking lot of a strip mall with a bandana around his face, a cap on his head, and wearing gloves. A worker from one of the stores goes out and tells braniac to leave but he doesn't. Instead, he decides he needs some oxycontin and cash from the pharmacy. He goes in and hands a note to the pharmacist demanding the drugs and cash.

Now, instead of giving the cash and drugs to the moron in front of him the pharmacist who also owns the pharmacy points his own gun at the wanna-be Dillinger. You know what the criminal did then? He says to the pharmacist "let's get it on".

Police found him dead in the pharmacy with a cocked revolver. No charges are likely to be pressed against the pharmacist. In the words of Police Chief Bill McManus, "He has a right by state law to use deadly force in a situation like this."

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