Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gun Control Advice Given To Obama By Eliot Spitzer The Whore Monger

The following is reproduced from the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action website dated May 1, 2009:

You know you are doing something right when two prominent politicians driven from public office come out in favor of gun control in the same week.

After resigning from the governorship of New York in shame and spending months out of the public eye, Eliot Spitzer (D) has decided to launch a campaign to rehabilitate himself by giving unsolicited gun control advice to President Barack Obama. Yes, this is the same Eliot Spitzer who, after railing against the "unregulated" firearm industry as New York's Attorney General, was driven from public office when caught spending $4,300 on a member of the oldest and most unregulated of professions.

On Wednesday, Spitzer wrote in Slate magazine that President Obama should not worry about Congress and the public, but should impose gun control on his own. Spitzer's article resurrects a scheme from former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo's idea was that the federal government would buy guns for the military and federal law enforcement agencies only from manufacturers who agree not to sell "certain types of weapons" (unspecified, but presumably including "assault weapons" and many types of handguns) to the general public; not to sell guns without trigger locks, hidden serial numbers, or a magazine disconnect—features that have no particular benefit and some of which decrease the firearm's usefulness for self-defense; not to sell guns to dealers who are not "authorized;" and not to sell guns to dealers to which guns recovered from criminals have been traced.

Just think, if Spitzer had spent $4,300.00 on guns, he'd still be Governor. But given his views on the issue, it's just as well he was driven from public office.

The assault on our Second Amendment rights is continuing. Don't let yourself believe that your rights can't be taken away just because they're in the U.S. Constitution. Legislation can be passed that technically doesn't take away your rights but makes it so difficult to exercise your rights that you give up on them.

What can you do? First, join the NRA. You can join online at the NRA Membership website and can even give a gift membership to a friend or loved one. Second, demand that your Congressmen and Senators keep their power hungry mitts off of your rights. Do it today.

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