Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wacky Global Warming News: Record Snow In US

This is just getting too easy. The hucksters and hoaxers promoting the farce that is Anthropogenic Global Warming are deep in hiding – possibly inside igloos. Anyone seen Al Gore around? The esteemed Professor Michael E. Mann, creator of the Hockey Stick Graph in Al Gore’s super exciting slide show? How about the IPCC’s Drs. Murari Lal or Rajendra Pachauri of Glaciergate infamy? No, I haven’t seen any of them lately and I’ll bet you haven’t either. It seems they don’t have anything to say as American cities receive record amounts of snow.

While people like Gore, Mann, Lal and Pachauri are getting paid to peddle their Man-Made Global Warming farce and scumbag politicians plot to take our freedom and money from us based on the farce, cities are getting snowed under....Read the rest at Happily American: Wacky Global Warming News: Record Snow In US

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