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The Armed Citizen Report: February 2010

If you were to believe the national broadcast media the private ownership of guns is something to be discouraged. Some in the media, like ABC's 20/20, actually broadcast hit pieces that attempt to show that people with guns couldn't possibly do anything but get themselves hurt. Over and over you hear about a "gunman" committing a crime but you almost never hear about people stopping crimes or saving lives with privately owned guns. It's kinda strange you don't hear about people stopping crimes with their guns since it happens about 2 Million times each year! Here's a few of the stories you should have seen or heard but probably didn't:

Criminal Justice Instructor Michael Minto was exiting the Kaplan Career Institute when he saw a man being viciously stabbed. According to police, Minto ran onto the scene, drew a handgun for which he has a permit to carry and ordered the attacker to drop the knife. The suspect fled. The victim was treated and released from the hospital. "[If not for Minto], we might be talking about someone who died," said Swatara Township, Pa., Deputy Police Chief Jason Umberger. "There are not many citizens out there that would have the courage to take that action." (The Patriot-News, Harrisburg, Pa., 12/08/09)

Fairfax County, Va., police officer Bud Walker says a resident had time to get his handgun because an armed burglar "was making quite a bit of noise trying to get into the house." The resident made noise as well in an attempt to scare off the suspect. "The burglar ... continued to try to get in even though he knew there was someone inside the house. Our experience is that most burglars ... tend to target houses that are not occupied." The suspect forced his way into the home and opened fire, wounding the resident, who returned fire and forced the intruder from his home. The resident is expected to recover. (The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., 12/18/09)

A married couple drove into the cul-de-sac leading to their home and parked in the driveway. The got out of the car and began walking toward their home when three men sprang out of nowhere and attempted to rob them. The husband was better prepared to defend his life and that of his wife than the men expected. A concealed-carry permit holder, the husband drew a handgun and shot one of the robbers, killing him. The dead suspect's accomplices fled. (The Times-Picayune, New Orleans, La., 12/14/09)

Evil people who would prey on the weaknesses of others may perceive someone like Gary Wroblewski, who uses a wheelchair, as an easy victim. Wroblewski, however, is a man who takes his safety seriously, so when he had a late knock at his door, he grabbed his handgun. "I was suspicious," he recalls. "I didn't really want to open it, but I did." He found the man who knocked, but then a masked man with a history of violent arrests leapt from the bushes and knocked over Wroblewski's chair. "He hit the door and I went tumbling over and just pulled the gun up and started firing," Wroblewski explains. The intruder was killed. His accomplice fled the scene. (WKMG-TV, Orlando, Fla., 12/15/09)

Just as a man was getting ready for church, someone rang his doorbell. As he went to answer the door, he saw someone breaking into his truck. Meanwhile, the man heard the garage door opening and what sounded like someone else trying to gain access to the home. He didn't know how many suspects were present or if they were armed. "I felt like a caged animal backed into a hole and trying to get out," the homeowner said. He got a 12-ga. shotgun and fired two shots at one of the assailants. The wounded burglar ran to a nearby car and was joined by a female suspect and fled the garage. They sped away, but the male was arrested when he sought treatment for his wounds. (The Sun-News, Myrtle Beach, S.C., 12/08/09)

Police say a perpetrator knocked on Harold Compenstine's door, announced, "This is a robbery!" and put a shotgun in his face. The homeowner slammed the door on the suspect and yelled for a relative to get his gun. The suspect fled, but decided to risk his luck again. He knocked on the door of another home and again pointed a shotgun at the residents inside. One of the residents ran for his own gun, and for the second time in one night the suspect had to run rather than face an armed citizen. The suspect remains at large. No word on whether he's given thought to changing career paths. (Sun-Star, Merced, Calif., 12/10/09)

With a gun to his face, a Pizza Hut cashier stuffed several hundred dollars into a bag. Hearing the commotion, police say a deliveryman with a concealed-carry permit crouched in the back of the store. When the robber walked toward him, the deliveryman gave a verbal warning. Instead, the robber went for his gun, forcing the deliveryman to draw his 9mm handgun and fire a shot. The robber will be arrested pending his release from the hospital. (The Herald Bulletin, Anderson, Ind., 12/24/09)

As the true stories above show, privately owned guns save lives. However, there are some people including the President and some members of Congress, as well as non-governmental organizations who don’t care about your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones. Stand up and assert your right to keep and bear arms or it may be lost. Help protect your rights by joining the NRA. The NRA fights to keep your right to keep and bear arms intact.

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