Friday, February 26, 2010

Obama Tells Liberals What To Say On Talk Radio

If you’ve ever listened to talk radio I’m sure you’ve heard some remarkably unintelligent sounding liberal callers who sound like they’re reading Democ-Rat talking points on health care reform. Do you know why they sound that way? Simple, they are reading talking points! That’s right, they’re reading talking points from a website – BARACKOBAMA.COM – because they’re too stupid to form their own arguments.

Liberals are given three steps on completing the talk radio call in process. The first step, “Listen, Then Call” orders the activist to listen to the show using a link to listen online, and gives them the ability to select a different show if they can’t get through to the first one they pick. The liberal caller can select from variety of shows including Sean Hannity, Fred Thompson, The Savage Nation, and the Dennis Miller Show among others. The second step called “Add Your Voice” tells the caller “Use the discussion points on the right in your conversation”. The final step is to “Report Your Call” where the compliant left-winger sends a report about their call to President Obama’s website via email.

The website also includes “Calling Tips” telling the progressive activist caller to “Be polite” (usually ignored), and “Stay calm and firm” if the host challenges their views (Obama’s views actually).

Mystery solved. Liberal callers anxious to spend your money to provide health care for liberals and uninsured illegal aliens are getting their marching orders from the Socialist in Chief (Peace Be Upon Him). I’d tell you how to fight back against this but as a conservative you are able to do it yourself.

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