Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama The Rock Star? Yeah, Sure.

If you watch enough TV news you've no doubt heard that President Barack Obama is greeted "like a rock star" wherever he goes. Talking head after talking head salivate over Obama. They mention his star quality, and how a thrill goes up their leg. He's a rock star to them. Now, before you dismiss the "rock star" characterization by the press I'm going to say it's accurate in more ways than even the media hacks imagine.

First, Rock Stars are often really screwed up people that have some combination of broken homes, abusive parents, drug habits, depression, suicidal or homicidal tendencies, embarrassing relatives, and delusions of grandeur. President Obama is surely a Rock Star in this regard. Rock On!

Second, Rock Stars are often self-centered narcissists. They make everything about themselves. When at the Summit of the Americas, President Obama sat through Daniel Ortega's 50 minute speech about a "terroristic" U.S., did he defend his country? Did he show any displeasure? No. He said, "I'm grateful that President Ortega did not blame me for things that happened when I was three months old." Way to go Rock Star!

Third, no matter how popular the Rock Star is they are only really popular with a small segment of society as a whole. You can be a Rock Star by selling fewer CD's than Ralph Nader got votes in his presidential campaign. You can be a Rock Star recognized by millions that is really only popular with fringe weirdos. In his niche Obama's a Star. To many others he was the only thing on the radio. Rock and Roll!

Last, Rock Stars have been known to frequently express or agree with, anti-American sentiments. To them the U.S. is the problem with the world and Rock Stars like to tell us how great it is everywhere else - even though they refuse to stay where they think it's better. You know the type..."not God bless America, God Damn America". If we judge President Obama by his friends then he meets this test of being a Rock Star. Rock Me!

So, when the media says President Obama is like a Rock Star don't get mad. Just smile.

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