Thursday, April 23, 2009

National Home Foreclosures

In an online article staff writer Catherine Clifford broke down a RealtyTrac report regarding home foreclosures. The last paragraph said, "The national report also found that the worst of the foreclosures were centralized in a handful of worst-hit states. California, Florida, Arizona, Nevada and Illinois accounted for nearly 60% of the total foreclosure activity in the first quarter, with 479,516 properties received foreclosure filings in those states."

Hmm, all of those states, excluding Arizona, were "Blue States" in the last Presidential Election. Also interesting is that the "National Leadership" is from three of those states. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is from California, Senate leader Harry Reid is from Nevada, and President Obama is from Illinois. Sure, John McCain is from Arizona but he might as well be a Democrat. I'm not saying it's because of Democrat leadership but it's interesting that the people saying they have the answers are from the areas hardest hit. They didn't do much for their home states did they?

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