Friday, February 6, 2009

PETA Protestors In San Antonio - Stupidity On Parade

In their ongoing effort to turn the entire world into a bunch of vegetarians members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) demonstrated in front of the shrine of the Alamo on Wednesday. Once again they tried to convince people that the production of meat for food is destroying the planet by providing dubious statistics.

According to KSAT TV in San Antonio PETA claimed "The demonstration in front of the Alamo was an effort to encourage (sic) people from eating meat, and used a nearly-nude woman in a portable shower to explain how the water used to prepare one pound of meat is the equivalent to six months of showers."

Well, assuming the PETA folks actually shower and assuming that their statistics are even close to accurate...who cares? What's their point? That cattle drink water? That cattle are washed with water? Are they actually trying to say that once a cow takes a drink that the water somehow becomes undrinkable for humans and can't be used to water plants? Maybe they're saying that water used in meat production is lost in a series of black holes that exist only in meat packing plants?

All water consumed by animals is returned to the ecosystem through urine, water vapor released during respiration, etc. Not one drop of water leaves the planet because a my future steak has a drink. Further, the water contained in meat contributes to hydration of animals farther up the food chain - like me.

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