Thursday, July 29, 2010 The Armed Citizen Report July 2010


What happens when a criminal confronts a law abiding citizen who is armed with a gun he or she is guaranteed able to own by the U.S. Constitution? Generally, the criminal has a real problem – sometimes the last problem of their scummy life.

Home alone with her baby one morning, a woman heard a knock at the door. She declined to answer. A second knock, this time at the back door, aroused her suspicion. She retrieved a shotgun and attempted to obtain the license plate number of the car outside her home. To her shock, one of the suspects was able to pick the lock on the front door’s deadbolt and it began to turn. She aimed the shotgun at the door. Police said the suspect opened the door, saw the shotgun and fled the area with an accomplice while shouting that they were merely lost. The men were arrested. (Chillicothe Gazette, Chillicothe, Ohio, 05/15/10)

Claiming to need money for a bus ticket, a man went begging door-to-door. Several houses into his apparent scheme, he was turned away by Charles and Rita Ray. The suspect allegedly grew agitated and tried to enter the home....

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