Monday, September 14, 2009

Scrapping The Public Plan Is The Easiest Way To Get A Public Plan

I keep hearing that members of the U.S. Congress and various "experts" are saying that the "public plan" may be scrapped in order to get HR 3200 or other health care bill passed. This kind of talk is a smoke screen covering a deeper three-step plan designed to get the public to clamor FOR a public plan. The plan has only three steps and goes something like this....

First Step, Democrat members of the House of Representatives take the public plan out of HR 3200 even though most other provisions of the bill remain intact. Removal of the public plan helps bring opponents on board, and gives ammo to RINO's like Senator Olympia Snow to bring her weak-kneed associates on board in the Senate. The bill becomes "bipartisan" and passes without the public plan.

Second Step, as the law gets signed by a triumphant and gloating President Obama, it goes into effect and requires (as it does now):

a. Everyone not currently covered must buy health insurance from private insurance companies rather than face stiff tax penalties.

b. All of the health insurance plans people have to buy must be an "approved plan" which must cover everything and everyone the government says they must cover with limits set artificially high. This has the effect of making insurance premiums rise and become more unaffordable, resulting in citizens who then seek relief from their representatives.

Third Step, the President and members of the Congress publicly state that "as expected, without the public plan health care costs have spiraled out of control" and that in order to fix the problem they must create "an affordable public plan". Then "poof!" the public plan appears just in time for the 2012 election season.

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