Monday, August 3, 2009

How We Can Save Billions On Health Care

The health care debate in the United States continues to spur people to action to prevent the President and the Congress from making a huge mistake and end up destroying the best health care in the world. However, the President, Democrats in Congress and even the media say that those of us against the various health care reform bills don't offer an alternative to anything they're trying to do. Well, I have a recommendation that could save the United States billions of dollars in health care spending without denying care, rationing care, or significantly raising taxpayer exposure.

My recommendation, mine since I haven't seen it anywhere else, is to save billions of dollars spent on the health care of illegal aliens. Ok, that's not the whole idea so before you start calling me a racist or murderer or something along those lines just wait a second....wait. I'm not saying we deny care to injured or ill people because they're here illegally. The American people are far to humane and charitable to deny needed care and I'm ok with that. But, I do believe that people and institutions should be paid for the care they provide and I don't think the American taxpayers should be the ones on the hook for the paying for the care of illegals. Here's the rest of my recommendation: Send the health care bill to the illegal alien's country of origin.

I know, I think I'm crazy...nuts! Ok, maybe I am but is the idea so bad? I think it's pretty good but I know you think there are a number of problems with the idea. I've anticipated that. The two biggest problems include:
1. Illegal aliens believe they'll be deported if they tell hospital personnel where they're from; and,
2. Why would the country of origin pay?

The first is quite simple. Just make it known that you cannot be deported just for providing information to health care personnel about your immigration status and country of origin. As soon as the illegals see that their friends aren't being sent home by providing information to the hospitals they'll get the idea. Could they lie? Maybe, but to what end?

The second problem, payment by the country of origin, is a little more difficult but could be managed. The countries would pay because they would lose more if they didn't. What I mean is...if they don't pay the bill we could cut off all foreign aid and all Western Union transfers, and seize all their assets in this country until the bill is paid. So, do they lose a few billion in health care payments for THEIR CITIZENS or do they lose many billions in aid? A few billion for health care for THEIR CITIZENS or do they lose many billions in Western Union transfers? For example, Mexico alone receives around $46 billion a year from its citizens living here illegally. Would they really jeopardize that?

I'm still against the health care reform bills that are in Congress. I think their only purpose is a power-grab and that the quality and availability of health care in this country would suffer...but, I'm not just against the bills without offering any alternate option.

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