Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Don't Cry Wolf

There's an email going around. I received the email from a trusted source that failed to check sources and verify content. This particular email is about a Senate Bill (SB-2099) that would require, according to the email, that everyone place the number of guns they have on their 2009 tax return, get fingerprinted, and pay a $50 tax per gun. The email even contains a link to a website with the bill's text. Then the email asks that you contact your elected officials to tell them to vote against it. That would be crying wolf.

Pay attention. There is no such bill currently being considered by the U.S. Senate. Do not call them about "SB-2099". There was a bill a few years ago that was numbered S. 2099 that is the bill the emailer is referring to, but it never made it through the Senate during the session it was introduced...so it died. It has not been reintroduced.

If you want to know what's going on regarding anti-gun bills in the U.S. Congress you can check with the National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action. They do keep track of all State and Federal legislative actions impacting gun owners and you can subscribe to emails from the ILA. Don't cry wolf.

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