Friday, January 2, 2009

Stupid Is As Stupid....

Some things that are done are so stupid that you really can't believe someone with an IQ above room temperature did them. This time it's a group of nine Muslim-Americans. It turns out that these nine muslims were On An Airplane ready to depart on vacation and were talking amongst themselves about where the safest place to sit on the plane was. Huh? Their conversation, which the FBI has stated was completely innocent, was overheard by other passengers who complained. The nine were taken off of the plane and extensively interviewed by the FBI.

Could Anyone have seen this coming? Could the average ten year old child figure out that people that appear to be Arab/Muslim/Middle Eastern talking about safety On An Airplane might receive some official scrutiny? Have these people, all but one of which were born in the U.S., forgotten that a bunch of Arab-Muslim's killed thousands of Americans on September 11th?

They need to get a clue.

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